Pyrex Carafe with Cover and Stand

Object Name: 
Pyrex Carafe with Cover and Stand

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Object Name: 
Pyrex Carafe with Cover and Stand
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 26.8 cm, Diam: 16.3 cm, L: 19.5 cm
Not on Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of Corning Inc., Dept. of Archives and Record Management
Web Description: 
Pattern Description: Corning Glass Works offered its first patterned opalware gift set in 1953 when the Heinz Baking Dish was sold in grocery stores. Widespread distribution of promotional patterns occurred after the overwhelming success of the 1956 release of seasonal “decorator casseroles.” Using existing Pyrex shapes, gift sets featured new patterns offered for a limited production time. They often came with mounters, cradles, or candlewarmers and were advertised in the spring to appeal to Mother’s Day and summer wedding shoppers and in the fall to give the holiday gift-buyers something new. Corning continued to produce gift sets through 1983, creating nearly 135 different gift set patterns during that time. Corning intended these pieces to be sold for a limited time, and directed retailers to remove older, unsold promotions from the shelves. Often, patterns used for these gift items were unnamed, or given names descriptive of the dish’s purpose, like “chip and dip set.” Collectors over the years have assigned names more reflective of the specific pattern.
Pattern Name: 
Corning Inc., Dept. of Archives and Record Management, Former Collection
Primary Description: 
Colorless non-lead glass; gold decoration; yellow metal plate; black plastic; brass plated metal; mold-blown by machine, screen printed; a) conical shaped carafe; flared rim with pinched lip, angled so lip on tallest side; body tapered out to bottom, bottom tapered in to base; handle opposite lip, is an angled upside down "L" shape, end turned in, handle is attached to metal collar around top of body by screws, metal collar narrowest below lip and widest at handle; body of carafe decorated with scattered stylized gold flowers in various sizes, "PYREX®/MADE IN U. S. A. " printed near bottom of body to left of handle; flat circular base, "#7712" written in black marker on base; b) circular cover; ribbed round knob that tapers in to cover, center of knob top metal; center of cover raised with spokes radiating out from knob (spokes are extension of knob's ribs), outer section of cover flat, rim turned up and angled out; cylindrical insert on underside of cover, three raised bumps on exterior; notch taken out side of cover and insert; c) circular candle warmer frame; ring band at top attached to top of six wire legs, "7712-CW" on interior of band; legs tapered in to bottom then turned up and angled in toward the center of the stand, three legs end higher than other three (all are lower than the top ring band), ring attached to top of three legs that end high, smaller ring attached to top of three legs that end lower down.