Cephaloproteus Riverhead (Four Hearts, Ten Brains, Blue Blood Drained through an Alembic)

Cephaloproteus Riverhead (Four Hearts, Ten Brains, Blue Blood Drained through an Alembic)

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Object Name: 
Cephaloproteus Riverhead (Four Hearts, Ten Brains, Blue Blood Drained through an Alembic)
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Overall H: 195 cm, W: 76 cm, D: 45.5 cm
On Display
Web Description: 
This three-dimensional collage is made up of images cut from vintage books and magazines layered between many sheets of glass. It depicts a robot whose shoulders sprout trees and whose river-like veins teem with fish. Above this, humans scramble and climb. The piece envisions the world as a complicated and interconnected system, which can easily be thrown off balance. Fun fact: There are 7 octopuses in this piece. See if you can find them all.
Yellin, Dustin (American, b. 1975), Source
Primary Description: 
Sculpture, "Cephaloproteus Riverhead (Four Hearts, Ten Brains, Blue Blood Drained through an Alembic)". Colorless glass, collage, acrylic paint with granite pedestal; cold-worked. (a) Tall colorless solid glass sculpture containing cut paper collage in the shape of a human form which comes with a custom-built granite pedestal (b) for display.
CA+D Reopening 2020
Corning Museum of Glass
2020 refresh of the Contemporary Art and Design galleries after the deinstallation of the 2019 temporary exhibition, "New Glass Now".
Corning Museum of Glass 2018-05-12 through 2020-01-05
New Glass Now is an international survey of contemporary glass celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Museum’s flagship contemporary publication, New Glass Review. For 40 years, New Glass Review has served as an annual benchmark for contemporary glass, documenting the innovation, dexterity, and creativity of artists, designers, and architects working in this challenging material. New Glass Now also commemorates the 40th and 60th anniversaries, respectively, of two groundbreaking exhibitions in the Museum’s history: New Glass: A Worldwide Survey (1979) and Glass 1959. These landmark exhibitions documented glass on a global scale and brought unprecedented critical and popular attention to the material, its makers, and designers. Just like New Glass Review and its precursor exhibitions, New Glass Now will be curated from an open call for submissions by the Museum’s curator of modern and contemporary glass and a panel of guest curators. Selected entries will be included in both New Glass Review 40 and the exhibition New Glass Now.
:embodied knowledge (2019) illustrated, pp. 148-149; BIB# 720425
Notable Acquisitions (2019) illustrated, pp. 5, 58-59; BIB# 115964
New Glass Now: 40th-Anniversary Issue of New Glass Review (2019) illustrated, pp. 148-149;