Ceremonial Court Chain

Object Name: 
Ceremonial Court Chain

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Object Name: 
Ceremonial Court Chain
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Amethyst Beads H: 1.3 cm, Diam: 1.3 cm; Large Green Beads H: 2.7 cm, Diam: 2.7 cm
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Hussey, Nellie B., Source
Primary Description: 
Ceremonial Court Chain. Transparent palest amethyst, cobalt blue, aquamarine blue, green, light green and dark amber glass beads, cord, fabric, metal; beadmaking and assembled. Long chain consisting of (a) 106 pale amethyst spherical beads cut with two longevity symbols and two bat forms; (b) three large blue-green spherical beads cut with four motifs of two bat forms with a longevity symbol; (c) a long pendant of cord-wrapped areas, an openwork gilt disc, one large blue-green spherical bead (like the three above), and one blue-green bottle-shaped bead cut with bats alternating with two longevity symbols and, at the neck, with six vertical herringbone panels and a long, narrow blue fabric strip, with thread-wound areas, sustaining a thin, flat oval form of transparent bluish-green and, as a terminal, a large drop of bright green glass with attached metal cap surmounted by a small cloudy colorless bead; and (d) three subordinate pendant strings of ten blue spherical beads cut with four longevity symbols, plus a cord-wrapped section and an eight-lobed ruby-red drop capped by gilt filigree and surmounted by a small cloudy colorless bead, each string being attached to the basic chain by an openwork disc of gilt metal.
Exhibition of East Asiatic Glass
Toledo Museum of Art 1948-10-03 through 1948-10-31