3-piece Console Set in "Vintage" Pattern

Object Name: 
3-piece Console Set in "Vintage" Pattern

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Object Name: 
3-piece Console Set in "Vintage" Pattern
Accession Number: 
(A) Bowl H: 9.8 cm, Diam: 39.1 cm; (B) Candlestick H: 40.6 cm, Diam (foot): 12 cm; (C) Candlestick H: 40.7 cm, Diam (foot): 12.3 cm
Not on Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of Mr. Edward R. Meddaugh
Primary Description: 
Transparent yellow-green non-lead (uranium) glass; blown, hot-worked, ground, engraved, polished. (A) Low, wide, circular fruit or flower bowl with oversized rim with non-polished engraved decoration; rim arches broadly and curves down to mid-point of bowl basin, rim is engraved with pattern of alternating single bunches of grapes and five-pointed single grape leaves (all pointing in toward basin) connected by an undulating vine (with irregularly spiraling tendrils) near the exterior perimeter, at rim edge is alternating border pattern of evenly spaced and interspersed small engraved single ponties and groups of four in a clover-leaf configuration; bowl is basin shaped with almost straight sides tapering toward broad, flat, slightly concave, footless base; wide circular ground and polished pontil (B,C) tall slender candlesticks with flat flared holder rims decorated with a centered band of closely spaced ovoid engraved ponties, deep cylindrical holders engraved with staggered engraved ponties in clover-leaf configuration, narrow solid neck joint between holder and hollow body in inverted elongated teardrop shape with overall engraved decoration of three large horizontal grape leaves connected by an undulating vine with spiraling tendrils, three bunches of grapes hang vertically from vine interspersed by three lower smaller hanging leaves, below them are three rows of staggered clover-leaf ponties, body flares back out slightly at base and is shaped into a patty that attaches to wide circular slightly conical foot engraved on top with four leaves connected by vine sections and spiraling tendrils; circular ground and polished pontils; unsigned.
Pattern Name: 
Meddaugh, Edward R., Source