Covered Beaker

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Object Name: 
Covered Beaker
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
(a&b) H: 23.7 cm; (a) H: 15.6 cm, D (rim): 11 cm, (foot ring): 11.3 cm
On Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of Edwin J. Beinecke
Web Description: 
This beaker commemorates the Protestant Reformation, which began with the publication of Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses in 1517 and lasted until the signing of the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. The Reformation sparked generations of conflict between Protestants and Catholics.
J. F. Spengel, Former Collection
Felix, Eugene, Former Collection
Stillwell, Dr. John E., Former Collection
Beinecke, Edwin J. (d. 1957), Source
Primary Description: 
Clear glass with minute bubbles and impurities; free-blown and enameled. (a) Straight-sided beaker, slightly tapering downwards to high pushed up base with rough pontil mark and sloping double walled foot ring made of same gather; (b) flanged, domed cover topped by a bulge which supports in turn a double knop finial; enamel decoration: the scene commemorates the reformation, showing on the obverse the half figures of, from left to right, Arch Duke Frederick of Saxony, Martin Luther, Melanchton, and the Elector Johann Georg of Saxony, sitting behind table topped with a green cloth; in front of Arch Duke Frederick a sword; Luther holds a book to which he points with his right finger and the Elector Johann Georg holds a sword; to the left and right of the two Dukes two shields with Saxonian arms, between Luther and Melanchton a crucifix; the inscriptions are the following: "Gottes word bleibet ewig" (God's word stays forever); on the large inscription band: "Luther und Melanchton Zeigen, was die nachwelt nicht wird verschweig(en) solang desz Hochsten word wird bleiben dasz Leo nicht kunt hintertreiben, weil Churfurst Friderich Sie schutzte, ob gleich der neid da wieder blitzte, in dem den Anfang doch erreichet, die Lehr, die von der Schriftt nicht weichet. Zu Wittenberg, so, nach verlangen, dasz Iubilaeum hat begangen: Da Furst Johann Georg regierte, als den damals der Chur Hut Zierte. Gott unsz erhalt bey dieszer Lehre, Zu seines Heiligen name(n)s Ehre. A. c. 1517 A C 1617" (Luther and Melanchton show that prosperity will not keep quiet as long as the word of God will stay, that Leo could not hinder them because Elector Frederick protected them although there was envy); such doctrine has achieved, from the beginning on, its objective not deviating from the Bible; For complete description see Notepad: Current Full Description 1961-06-25
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