Crooke's Railway Tube on a Stand

Object Name: 
Crooke's Railway Tube on a Stand

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Object Name: 
Crooke's Railway Tube on a Stand
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 18.5 cm, L: 28.0 cm, D: 5.4 cm; (a) H: 11.3 cm, L: 28.0 cm, W: 5.4 cm; (b) H: 8.1 cm, L: 12.4 cm, W: 5.4 cm
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Primary Description: 
Colorless non-lead glass, silver metal, brown wood; lampworked glass, hand worked metal. Horizontal, cylindrical hollow tube which has secondary tubes extending upwards at right angles to the body at each end, each secondary tube cape with a metal cap and projecting look, held in place with plaster; a glass tube with a vertical wire extends down from the cap and ends in a circular glass and metal plate at right angles to the main tube. Within the central tube is a rectangular frame of glass tubing on which rests a metal flywheel which revolves and propels itself back and forth along the glass frame. The ends of the main tube come to a point and are tooled shut. (b) The tube rests on a wooden stand with a base and two vertical sides which have a V-shaped cut to hold the tube.
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