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Object Name: 
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 8.2 cm, Diam: 8.4 cm
Not on Display
Primary Description: 
Transparent very pale yellowish green; small, mostly spheroid bubbles. Blown (perhaps in dip mold); facet-cut. Cup: cylindrical. Rim plain, with flat upper surface and beveled inner side finished by grinding; wall straight, tapering very slightly, and curving in at bottom; base flat; annular(?) pontil scar, partly removed by grinding. Decoration on wall: broad zone of roughly circular facets (D. 1.2–1.3 cm) extending from 1.5 cm below rim to 0.8 cm above base; facets are adjacent, but they do not touch their neighbors; they are arranged in five horizontal rows, each row containing 17 facets; facets in top three rows are arranged in quincunx, but facets in bottom two rows are simply offset from those just above them; facets are roughly polished, but they retain traces of grinding. Thickness of wall: about 0.35 cm. Incomplete. Roughly triangular portion of lower wall and edge of base lost and restored (10 facets completely lost, and eight facets partly lost). Lightly but extensively pitted where surface was ground; traces of iridescence. Evidently cleaned.
Mazda, Abbas, Source
Les Tresors Fatimides du Caire
Institut du Monde Arabe 1998-04-27 through 1998-08-30
Kunsthistorisches Museum 1998-10 through 1999-02
Islamic Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass Volume One (2010) illustrated, pp. 40-41, #48; BIB# 113723
Schatze der Kalifen: Islamische Kunst zur Fatimidenzeit (1998) illustrated, p. 196, cat. # 181; p. 199; BIB# 96403