Decanter with 2 Glasses

Object Name: 
Decanter with 2 Glasses

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Object Name: 
Decanter with 2 Glasses
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about 1930
Primary Description: 
Colorless glass, black and white enamels, metallic silver; blown, mold-blown, cut, polished, acid-etched, engraved, painted, fired. Liqueur set consisting of diamond-shaped stoppered decanter and two small tumblers: (Aa) decanter has narrow opening with wide flared rim cut into eight sides, collared neck facet cut extending to stepped shoulder angling sharply to body blown into same shape as stopper; broad flat sides with etched outline of spiral pattern with six ribbons (three black, one silver, one etched with narrow lines and one undecorated) curving and tapering to a banded circle (silver outer ring, colorless middle ring and solid black center circle), lower quarter of broad side decorated with two small etched circles with frosted appearance and at one lower corner a fragment of a larger banded circle bleeds to corner cut; opposite side with same decoration in reverse; narrow sides of bottle blown out into triangular facets; base ground and polished flat, no pontil; (Ab) large solid stopper cut with two broad flat sides, flat top, narrow sides facet cut to a point creating prism appearance, broad sides etched or engraved with flat spiral pattern culminating in a small circle at lower right, three ribbons of spiral are enameled black, opposite flat side with same decoration in reverse; narrow neck joins solid tapered cylindrical shank, slight grinding; (B,C) small six-sided tumblers or shot glasses with lipless ground and polished rims, broad front and back panels with same spiral decoration tapering to small circle with etched (frosted) interior, same decoration in reverse on opposite wall, narrow sides of vessel formed of two narrow panels meeting at an angle; sides taper in to solid base ground and polished flat, no pontil; unsigned.
Parke-Bernet Galleries, NYC, Source
History of Art Deco Design
Art Center, Clarksburg 1985-01 through 1985-01