Decanter and Stopper

Object Name: 
Decanter and Stopper

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Object Name: 
Decanter and Stopper
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 18 cm; Body Diam (max): 7.5 cm
On Display
about 1820-1835
Primary Description: 
Decanter and Stopper. Lead glass, colorless; slender semibarrel, sloping shoulder, two applied triple-ring collars on unpatterned neck, wide flange; geometric pattern (GII-24): band of vertical ribs, five narrow bands -- diagonal ribs to right, diamond and half-diamonds, vertical ribs, diamond and half-diamonds, diagonal ribs to left --, band of vertical ribs, single horizontal rib between bands; base rayed to large plain center; rough pontil mark. Fitted with a pressed wheel-stopper.
McKearin, George S. (b. 1874), Source
American Glass (1948) (1948) illustrated, No. 9, Pl. 105; BIB# 25297