Diorama of English Stag Hunt

Object Name: 
Diorama of English Stag Hunt

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Object Name: 
Diorama of English Stag Hunt
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Case H: 17.1 cm, D: 16.65 cm, L: 51.6 cm
On Display
about 1811-1820
Web Description: 
Charles David Aubin must have learned lampworking in France, his native country, before he reportedly fled to England during the French Revolution. The stag hunt was a popular sport among the European aristocracy. Especially in England, it was favored over fox hunts until the 1830s. This lamp-worked scene, which incorporates wood as well as glass, was badly damaged in the Corning flood in 1972. The small scale of this diorama made repairing it a very delicate operation.
Davis, Cecil, Source
on right side
Primary Description: 
Clear, translucent white, transparent green glass; lampwork, enamel. The hunt is mounted on a green surface, including eight horses, six male and one female rider, in hunting coats and caps, proceeding to the left to follow a stag on the far left, with at least 27 hounds, one rider has fallen off his horse, one dog by the stag, landscape is accentuated by trees and many hedges, all of glass; the scene is in a glass case framed in wood. On the right side is a fence, on its right side is the name: "AUBIN". The five sides of the back of the case have been covered with a mirror in order to enlarge the effect of the scene.
Corning Museum of Glass 2002-06-21 through 2002-09-06
Arte de vidriocontemporaneo usando el soplete (2006) illustrated, p. 20;