Dish or Bowl

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Object Name: 
Dish or Bowl
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 2.8 cm
Not on Display
Credit Line: 
Bequest of Jerome Strauss
Primary Description: 
Slices of red, black, white, and very pale blue canes, and of yellow and light green canes (all colors opaque); vessel formed in four stages. First, monochrome rods were drawn or cast and perhaps cold-worked, then assembled into bundles and fused; bundles were fused and miniaturized by drawing; and resultant canes were broken or sawed into slices. Secondly, slices were arranged in desired pattern, probably on flat surface, and fused, probably in more than one operation, to form single disk. Thirdly, disk was slumped over former mold. Finally, blank was finished by grinding and polishing of interior. Dish or bowl: fragment of rim and upper wall. Rim plain, with rounded lip; wall curves down and in, with fire-polished outer surface and mechanically polished inner surface. Vessel was made of cane slices with two designs: (1) green "butterfly" consisting of circle flanked by semicircles, in yellow matrix, and (2) "flower" with red center and alternating black and white "petals", in blue matrix. Designs arranged circles concentric with center of vessel, each circle containing one design, and circles of design (1) alternating with circles of design (2); outermost circle, at rim, consists of design (1). Resultant pattern is checkerboard of canes of designs (1) and (2) arranged in quincunx.
Strauss, Jerome, Source
on edge in green