Drinking Vessel (Porron)

Object Name: 
Drinking Vessel (Porron)

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Object Name: 
Drinking Vessel (Porron)
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 27.2 cm, W: 28.7 cm, D: 14.8 cm
On Display
about 1650-1750
Credit Line: 
Bequest of Jerome Strauss
Web Description: 
In the course of the 18th century, the Catalan glass market shifted from the nobility to a broader range of customers. Glassmakers were not among the leading manufacturers of luxury wares anymore. Former intricate designs became simple and repetitive. On the other hand, local designs became popular and contributed to an impressive range of shapes: sprinklers for perfumed water (almorratxas), càntirs (drinking vessels with a ring handle at the center and two spouts), and porrones (drinking vessels with an elongated spout).
Strauss, Jerome, Former Collection
Primary Description: 
Colorless glass with grayish tinge, bubbles and seeds; opaque white lattimo glass; blown, vetro a retorti, applied. Conical, slightly flaring shape, with kicked-in base and rough pontil mark; tri-lobed, fire-polished rim with applied prunt that has been pinched into seven protrusions; drawn-out long, attenuated spout with broken-off rim; two vermicular collars applied and cast-off on neck of vessel. Except for collars and prunt, all glass surfaces are decorated with vetro a retorti consisting of broad canes (ten on body), each with nine twisted strands. The canes do not meet in the center of the base, and also end shortly below the rim. Spout forms part of the body: hot glass has been applied to the body and drawn out, pulling the glass and some of the filigrana decoration. One twisted cane has somewhat superfluously been squeezed between the others, which are fairly well distributed. In a few occasions, the tube-shape of the individual lattimo threads is visible.
Corning Museum of Glass 2004-05-13 through 2004-10-17
Drinking Glasses Through the Ages
Place des Antiquaries 1987-11-18 through 1988-01-31
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