Flask with Handle

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Object Name: 
Flask with Handle
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 14.3 cm; Rim Diam: 3.6 cm; Shoulder Diam: 5.4 cm
On Display
1380-1360 BCE
Primary Description: 
Translucent deep blue glass, bubbly, some extremely large bubbles and stone in neck, trails of opaque white and opaque yellow; core-formed, trail-decorated and tooled. Thick rounded rim, flared out from long almost cylindrical neck; neck is decorated with applied white trail wound eleven times and marvered in, over this four trails of yellow are applied at intervals and marvered in, the entire register is dragged upward seven times to create a festoon pattern; the neck spreads out into an elongated ovoid body with rounded base; decoration consists of a second white trail wound around the neck and shoulder five times and left somewhat in relief; the shoulder and upper body are decorated with a white trail wound seven times and marvered in and highlighted above with a trail of yellow wound around twice and repeated below over the last few white trails, this register is dragged upward eleven times at wide intervals, creating a somewhat clumsy and uneven pattern; two heavy white trails have been added and left somewhat in relief over this pattern to further emphasize the register; a handle, rectangular in cross-section and made of deep blue glass is wrapped seventeen times with a white trail and emphasized at either end and center with a yellow trail, it is applied in the center of the neck bent out and down attaching at the juncture of the neck and shoulder; body tapers to a rounded ovoid bottom, entirely restored in plaster.
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