Fragment of Bottle with Griffin

Object Name: 
Fragment of Bottle with Griffin

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Object Name: 
Fragment of Bottle with Griffin
Accession Number: 
Overall H (surviving): 5.6 cm, W (surviving): 5.9 cm, Diam (est.): about 15 cm
Not on Display
Credit Line: 
Bequest of Jerome Strauss
Primary Description: 
Almost colorless, with yellowish tinge; minute bubbles. Blown; slant- and relief-cut. Fragment from wall of bottle with straight side (OTh. 0.25 cm) decorated in relief (Th. 0.1 cm) with combination of relief cutting (background is recessed) and slant cutting (most details of decorative motifs are slant-cut). Surviving ornament consists of head, neck, and wing of griffin, apparently shown in left profile but with head turned to look back over body. Griffin has small head with hooked beak, curved tear-shaped eye, and two triangular ears; thick neck with narrow ruff filled with delicate vertical hatching; and folded left wing with covert in form of volute and, on upper edge, row of feathers indicated by slightly curved vertical cuts. Background has three small motifs: (1) roughly diamond-shaped near beak, (2) comma-shaped above wing, and (3) unidentified to left of neck.
Strauss, Jerome (1893-1978), Source
Islamic Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass Volume One (2010) illustrated, pp. 217-218, #364; BIB# 113723