The Glassblower

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Object Name: 
3-part Sculpture
The Glassblower
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 25.9 cm
Not on Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of Goran Warff
Primary Description: 
Colorless glass; wood: stained brown and black; glass: gathered, slumped, tooled, applied; wood: sawn, planed, assembled with adhesive, stained. Sculpture in three pieces: (a) tall, almost cylindrical head and neck made from several gathers; top of head rounded, sides of head and face taper slightly and curve in at bottom, neck is somewhat narrower; form is solid except for large, irregular bubble that represents inside of mouth; nose consists of elongated pear-shaped bit, dropped on to face and drawn up to top of head; left eye consists of iris and pupil indicated by spherical blob of glass containing bubble and eyelids represented by single trail dropped on and detached beside nose; lips also indicated by single trail; base ground and polished, and engraved with inscription running around edge: "Part I The Glass blower Kosta UNIK 1981 Goran Wärff / Bengt Heintze"; (b) bowl: shallow, with thick wall and base; rim plain, higher on outside; wall tapers and curves in at bottom; base flat, ground and polished; on inside of bowl, rising up on one side and projecting beyond rim, irregular slumped form which has appearance of molten glass; engraved inscription around edge of base of bowl: "Part II The Glass blower Kosta 1981 UNIK Goran Wärff / Bengt Heintze"; (c) wood stand consisting of two parts attached by adhesive, each of which comprises several rectangular pieces of wood arranged so that the grains of individual pieces make contrasting patterns; lower element is low, square block with vertical sides, beveled upper edge and flat top; upper element is smaller, but taller square block with vertical sides and flat top, set at back of lower element, at midpoint along side; lower element is stained black, upper element is stained brown; (a) stands on lower element and (b) stands on upper element, in front and to side of (a).
Warff, Goran (Swedish, b. 1933), Source
"The Glass Blower" Kosta Unik 1981 Goran Warff/Bengt Heintze