Glazed Ceramic Wall Plaque with 4 Glass Bosses

Object Name: 
Glazed Ceramic Wall Plaque with 4 Glass Bosses

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Object Name: 
Glazed Ceramic Wall Plaque with 4 Glass Bosses
Accession Number: 
(a) Plaque H: 13.7 cm, W: 27 cm, D: 26.5 cm; (b-e) Bosses H: 2.1-2.4 cm, Diam:4.1- 4.4 cm
On Display
about 1250 BCE
Primary Description: 
Glazed Ceramic Wall Plaque with 4 Glass Bosses. Light brick-red ceramic with buff slip, light green glaze, glass; hand-built, fired, wound, attached, inlayed. Element now badly chipped, weathered and eroded, four glass buttons attached to corners, a central large eye attached in center of pedestal. (a) Roughly square ceramic plaque, flat on underside with a deep truncated conical depression in center corresponds to large truncated conical pedestal rising from center of face, pedestal top flared, flattened and countersunk (6 cm. diameter) to receive inlay glass eye; two corners broken away, both probably countersunk (3.5 cm. diameter) to received smaller glass inlay buttons, the entire surface first covered with a white powdery material then a thick light green low fired glaze which is now frothy, bubbly and badly eroded away. (b) Central eye badly pitted and eroded, also devitrified; probably wound on a rod. Set in center of countersunk hole on pedestal top of similar ceramic material from which boss is constructed, eye consists of central greenish-blue glass pupil separated from similar body by a thick opaque white trail. (c-e) Similar domical and low domical buttons constructed in the same way, badly broken and retaining a light brown to deep brown weathering product obliterating true color.
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