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Object Name: 
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 20.5 cm; Rim Diam: 10.5 cm
On Display
Web Description: 
Part of the stem and the entire foot of this goblet are missing; they have been replaced by a silver stem and a wooden foot with a silver rim. The bowl of the goblet is diamond-point engraved in three zones. The top zone depicts a hunting scene, with one hound pursuing a unicorn and another chasing a stag. The middle zone is engraved on opposite sides with cartouches, one of which contains the date "1577," while the other features the initials "RB" intertwined with "IB." The monograms probably indicate that this object is a marriage or betrothal goblet. The silverwork, which resembles silver moldings found on Elizabethan tigerware jugs, indicates a replacement that is roughly contemporary with the glass. The stem and foot are similar to those found on wooden drinking vessels of comparable date.
Steuben Glass, Inc., Source
Brown, Henry (English), Former Collection
Davis, Cecil, Former Collection
Primary Description: 
Colorless non-lead glass, smoky and full of minute bubbles; blown and engraved. Deep conical bowl rounded at bottom; applied, small, hollow knop, balance of stem and the foot missing and replaced by silver stem (with two wafer-like knops) and flaring, flat, circular, wooden foot with silver rim; silver decorated with variation of egg and dart motifs. Diamond-scratched line decoration in two bands: upper, hunting scene depicting hound pursuing unicorn and one pursuing stag, tree between each; scroll-bordered band of alternating foliage panels and medallions -- one with date 1577; two with monogram: "I/ R+B/B".
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Title Unknown (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
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