Goldglas Plaque (Zwischengoldglas)

Object Name: 
Goldglas Plaque (Zwischengoldglas)

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Object Name: 
Goldglas Plaque (Zwischengoldglas)
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 2.9 cm, Diam (max): 16.8 cm
On Display
Primary Description: 
Transparent pale green glass with very many minute and few small bubbles; free-blown with sandwiched gold-leaf decoration. Two slightly concave circular glass sheets with a slightly convex center have been fused together, the bottom sheet having a straight rim serving as a band-like ring base and a very rough large pontil mark; the letter bears the golden decoration: apparently the portrait of a couple in a medallion, a "Roman- type" woman and a "13th plus 15th century-type" man, surrounded by a band consisting of six other male and female portraits in medallions; the six busts are framed by symbols, between the medallions are quatrefoils, each of them accompanied by four dots; the edge at the joining is roughly ground.
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J. Paul Getty Museum 2007-10-18 through 2008-01-14
Corning Museum of Glass 2008-02-15 through 2008-05-27
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