Gros poissons, algues (Big fish, algae)

Gros poissons, algues (Big fish, algae)

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Object Name: 
Illuminated Surtout de Table (Table Decoration) with Bronze Base
Gros poissons, algues (Big fish, algae)
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 38.5 cm; (a) Glass Fish H: 30.6 cm, W: 42.7 cm, D: 13.9 cm; (b) Base H: 8.4 cm, Diam: 19.2 cm
Not on Display
designed in 1922
Credit Line: 
Gift of Elaine and Stanford Steppa
Primary Description: 
Illuminated Surtout de table, "Gros poissons, algues" (Table decoration, "Big fish, algae"). (a) Colorless glass; mold-pressed, assembled. Large solid glass fish with circular base. (b) Dome-shaped bronze base outfitted with four light bulb sockets and electrical wiring. (c-f) Four light bulbs.
Steppa, Stanford, Source
Steppa, Elaine, Source
Engraved (a) near bottom of fish
Engraved on base
Molded relief (a) near bottom of fish
(TRAVELING) Rene Lalique: Enchanted by Glass
Chrysler Museum of Art 2017-09-14 through 2018-01-21
Lalique's fascination with glass as a jeweler and an industrialist is told in this traveling exhibition from the Corning Museum of Glass through the objects that he designed and made. Rene Lalique: Enchanted by Glass documents the stylistic and artistic changes that swept through France during its Third Republic. The exhibition displays glass objects from the end of the 19th century through the 1940s, including rare design drawings, jewelry, medallions, perfume bottles, automobile mascots, tableware, desk and smoking accessories, decorative vases, statuettes, and working molds and models. All objects are from the comprehensive collection of The Corning Museum of Glass. Curated by Kelley Elliott , curatorial assistant of modern glass, with the assistance of Tina Oldknow, curator of modern glass, this traveling exhibition from The Corning Museum of Glass includes approximately 250 objects.
Rene Lalique: Enchanted by Glass
Corning Museum of Glass 2014-05-16 through 2015-01-04
This major exhibition will bring together glass, jewelry, production molds, and design drawings by René Lalique (French, 1860─1945), dating from about 1893 to Lalique’s death in 1945. As a successful jeweler Lalique experimented with glass in his designs, which eventually led to a career in which he fully embraced the material. His aesthetic choices in his designs informed the styles of Art Nouveau and Art Deco in France, and the objects he created have become iconic reflections of these periods. Lalique also embraced industrial innovations, like mass production, allowing luxury glass to be placed in more and more households around the world.
Rene Lalique: Enchanted by Glass (2014) illustrated, p. 30 (fig. 39), 107 (no. 7); BIB# 139598