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Object Name: 
Video and Sculpture Installation
Accession Number: 
(a) Glass Sculpture (dimensions variable): H: about 25 cm, W: about 43 cm, D: about 40 cm
On Display
2010 (video)
2013 (sculpture)
Web Description: 
Video edition 1/1; sculpture edition 9/15. The video installation Hand-Made documents the German artist Anna Mlasowsky hand-forming a sculpture—wearing fireproof gloves—that is displayed on a pedestal next to the video projection. The one-minute video loops continuously, emphasizing the unending process of making. “On the market craft products get decelerated with the term ‘handmade,’” Mlasowsky wrote. “The piece Hand-Made is a litera[l] execution of this term. As a glass artist I can never shape the material with my own hands. Tools function as a translator of my movement. This piece is a poetical material stud[y] that exploits my wish to form the hot material directly and results in shapes that can only be created by hand (see below “Anna Mlasowsky: Hand-Made”). Mlasowsky embraces nontraditional viewpoints and unanswered questions in her art, which is about the exploration and investigation of glass. Her work explores the inherent qualities of the material, while attempting to redefine how it is handled and perceived. “I generally do not use material as a medium for content, but rather I observe what the material offers me and apply this opportunity according to what the given situation suggests,” Mlasowsky said. “It is essential for me that my artistic efforts are investigative without being predetermined. . . . The things I make are the results of experiments” (see below Szösz 2013, pp. 40–41). A relatively new collecting area for the Museum is photography and video, specifically photography and video in which glass is a subject or character. Acquiring such works of art represents a new and exciting direction that will affect how the Museum presents the use of glass in art. Signed: “Mlasowsky 2013,” engraved along edge of sculpture. Published: Helen Lee, Alexander Rosenberg, and Matthew Szösz, Superposition, Oakland, California: Hyperopia Projects, 2011, pp. 36–37; New Glass Review 32, Corning: The Corning Museum of Glass, 2011, p. 35; and Imke Janoschek, “Glasvikerskan,” Residence, 2011, p. 38. See also “Anna Mlasowsky: Hand- Made,” www.annamlasowsky.com/Hand-made.html; and Matthew Szösz, “Anna Mlasowsky,” Neues Glas, no. 1, Spring 2013, pp. 36–41.
Mlasowsky, Anna (German, b. 1984), Source
Mlasowsky 2013
Engraved (a) along edge of sculpture
Primary Description: 
Video and Sculpture Installation, "Hand-Made". Video, glass; hand-formed glass, acid-etched. (a) Hand-formed laminated glass sculpture made from a circular sheet of glass that was bent, folded, and creased while hot; acid-etched after annealing. (b) 1:15 minute silent color video documenting the creation of the sculpture. Sculpture is displayed on a pedestal next to continuously-looped video projection.
CA+D Reopening 2020
Corning Museum of Glass
2020 refresh of the Contemporary Art and Design galleries after the deinstallation of the 2019 temporary exhibition, "New Glass Now".
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