I Saw Othello's Visage In His Mind

I Saw Othello's Visage In His Mind

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Object Name: 
I Saw Othello's Visage In His Mind
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Overall H: 163 cm, W: 131 cm, D: 24 cm
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Primary Description: 
Sculpture, "I Saw Othello's Visage In His Mind". Glass, wood, paint; cold-worked, engraved, painted, assembled. Glass elements, engraved, adhered onto wooden bases that have been painted black, and layered. This sculpture is composed of five separately made mirrors, layered and adhered together, giving the appearance of one large, ornate mirror. The central, top mirror is a coffin or shield shape with a trefoil finial; the second mirror is oval, with scalloped ornamentation on the top; the third mirror is oval with c-shaped scrolls alternating with floral sprays; the fourth mirror is a square mirror with fleur de lis on each corner and a scroll-work frame; the fifth mirror is a large circle surrounded by a leaf spray.
Wilson, Fred (American, b. 1954), Source
Affixed on back strip of masking tape with Italian inscription handwritten in pen
Pace Gallery LLC 2016-06-27 through 2016-08-19
Pace Gallery presents GLASS, an exhibition of works by Maya Lin, Kiki Smith and Fred Wilson. The exhibition, which will present works made in glass and using glass found objects, is an exploration of each artist’s use of the material.
Fred Wilson: Sculptures, Paintings, and Installations 2004-2014
Pace Gallery LLC
Since the beginning of his career, Fred Wilson has created a diverse range of work that challenges assumptions of history, culture and race. Pace’s exhibition will feature works from the past ten years, including several that have never before been exhibited
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