Jar with Lid

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Object Name: 
Jar with Lid
Accession Number: 
(a) H: 31.6 cm, Diam (max): 19 cm; (b) H: 5.8 cm Diam: 13.4 cm
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Web Description: 
Glass jars, as well as bottles, were used to store food and other materials. Lidded jars like this one were also used as cinerary urns to hold the cremated remains of the dead.
Bemberg, Jurgen von, Source
Primary Description: 
(a) Transparent bluish green, black; handles have few black inclusions. (b) Transparent bluish green, with some black inclusions and rare reddish brown inclusions; (a) body blown in mold, handles applied; (b) blown. (a) Jar: tall, cylindrical. Rim slightly outsplayed, folded out and down to form tubular collar, with broad, rounded lip; shoulder slopes, with rounded overhanging edge; wall tapers slightly, then curves in at bottom; base plain, slightly concave; no pontil mark. Two opposed strap handles, each with two ribs, dropped onto edge of shoulder, drawn up, in, and down, and attached to bottom of neck, after which residual glass was folded over and up. Glass is bubbly. (b) Lid: shaped like cymbal, with knop. Knop spheroid, flattened on top; side curves out and down, then flattens into broad horizontal flange, with tubular edge made by folding down, out, up, and in; pontil mark on top of knop. Glass is very bubbly.