Kurfursten humpen

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Object Name: 
Kurfursten humpen
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
H: 29.8 cm; D (rim): 11.5 cm, (foot ring): 13.7 cm
On Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of Edwin J. Beinecke
Primary Description: 
Clear bubbly glass with many impurities and very slight amber tinge; free-blown, enameled and gilded. Almost cylindrical body with pushed up base having rough pontil mark, applied ring foot; enamel decoration: the crowned Roman Emperor, seated on a throne and holding a scepter and orb of state in his hands before his legs the double headed eagle on a yellow shield, green throne with canopy in yellow, white, red and blue; on his left and right the standing figures of the seven Kurfursten or Electors identified by their names and coats of arms "TRIER COLN MENTZ BEHEM PFALTZ SACHSEN BRANDENBURG"; above the Electors: "Die Romische keiserliche magstat sampt dem siben Churfursten ihn ihrer kledung ampt und sicz 1594"; below rim a golden band (partly rubbed off) in scale design heightened by green beads and accompanied by four rows of white and blue beads, dashes on the foot ring; on the reverse a lily-of-the- valley stalk with green leaves and blue and yellow blossoms; underneath the main frieze which is framed at the bottom by a single red band below a grass strip, a long inscription: "ALSO IN ALLE IREN ORNAT/ SICZT KAY (SERLICHE) MAGESTAT/ SAMPT DEN VII CHURFURSTEN GU(T)/WIE DENN EIN IDER SITZEN THUT/ IN KURFURSTLICHER KLEIDUNG FIEN/MIT ANZEIGUNG DES AMPTS SEIN. DER KONIG IN BEHEM DER IST/ DES REICHS ERTSCHENFCK ZU ALLER F(RIST)/ HIERNACH DER PFALTZGRAVE BEIN R(EIN)/ DES HEILIGEN REICHS TRUCHSUS TUT S(EIN)/ DER HERZOG ZU SACHSSEN GEBORN/ IST DES REICHS MARSCHAL AUSERKOR(EN)/ DER MARGGRAVE VON BRANDENBURG GUT/ DES REICHS ERTZKAMMER SEIN THUT. DER ERTZBISCHOF ZU MENTZ BEKA(NNT)/ IST KANTZLER IN DEUCHZEN LANT/SO IST DER BISCHOF ZU COLN BLE(ICH)/ AUCH KANTZER DURCH G(ANTZ) FRANCK(ENREICH)/ DARNACH DER ERTZBISCHOF ZU T(RIER) IST KANTZELER IN WELCHER REVIR"; the poem refers to the positions of the Emperor and the seven Electors.
von Beckerath, Adolf, Former Collection
Seligmann, Gustaf, Former Collection
Hearst, William Randolph, Former Collection
Beinecke, Edwin J., Source
German Enameled Glass (1965) illustrated, pp. 288-289, #32; p. 72; BIB# 18098
Title Unknown (Country Life) (1939-02) in color;
Sammlung Gustav Seligmann, Koblenz und Koln (1928-03-27) #46;