La Libellule (The Dragonfly)

La Libellule (The Dragonfly)

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Object Name: 
Dragonfly Coupe
La Libellule (The Dragonfly)
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 18.4 cm; Rim Diam: 19.6 cm; Base Diam: 9.8 cm
On Display
Credit Line: 
Gift in part of Benedict Silverman in memory of Gerry Lou Silverman
Primary Description: 
Glass bowl in marbled amber-yellow glass; blown, cased, hot-applied and inlaid decorative elements, acid-etched, cut, and engraved. Polychrome applied glass dragonflies, partly sandwiched (intarsia) between translucent layers of glass, partly applied to the surface. Embedded specks of gold metal foil in the eyes. Engraved, polished. The Galle signature is done in the form of a dragonfly. The stem base consists of two parts which have been bonded together and to the bowl using an adhesive (possibly pine resin).
Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd, Source
Silverman, Gerry Loui, Former Collection
Silverman, Benedict, Former Collection
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