Lamp or Beaker

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Object Name: 
Lamp or Beaker
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 18.7 cm; Rim Diam: 8.4 cm
On Display
perhaps 300-499
Primary Description: 
Lamp or Beaker. Almost colorless with green tint; many very small bubbles. Mold-blown and cut. Lamp or beaker: conical. Rim plain, knocked off and rounded by grinding; straight, tapering, then curving in at bottom; base plain, narrow, and finished by grinding. Wall is completely covered with cut, ground, and polished decoration arranged in six continuous horizontal registers: from top to bottom, (1) two bands of hollow square facets, with 24 facets in upper band and 25 facets in lower band; (2) one band of five contiguous, semi-circular, arch-like cuts, resting on pairs of horizontal cuts, one above the other, and with one T-shaped group of cuts in each spandrel; inside each arch-like cut, one large hollow circular facet; (3) two bands of hollow square facets, with 21 facets in upper band and 18 facets in lower band; (4) same as (2); (5) three bands of hollow square facets, with 17 facets in top band, 15 facets in middle band, and 14 facets in bottom band; (6) one band of six hollow oval facets.
Rabenou, Khahil, Source
Splendeur des Sassanides
Musees Royaux d' Art et d' Histoire 1993-02-11 through 1993-05-25
The Royal Hunter: Art of the Sasanian Empire
Cleveland Museum of Art 1978-01 through 1978-08
Metropolitan Museum of Art 1978-01 through 1978-08
Museum of Fine Arts, Dallas 1978-01 through 1978-08
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