Le Nozze de Figaro

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Object Name: 
Covered Vessel
Le Nozze de Figaro
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 54.2 cm, W: 32.1 cm, Diam: 34 cm
Not on Display
Primary Description: 
Colorless non-lead glass with transparent blue, gold luster; mold-blown with craquelure from immersion in water, hot applications, engraved, applied gold enamel. Tall covered vessel of colorless with gold and blue trim; (B) large elaborate lid with solid ribbed pointed knob of blue encased in colorless, area between each rib engraved and lusted with small vertical pointed leaf pattern; knob connects to hollow lid with a wrap of blue that is banded in gold then engraved with pattern of small angled leaves; mold-blown three-tiered lid is accented at each step by a progressively thicker wrap of blue engraved in a leaf and vine pattern (opposite directions on all three wraps), top step has a narrow band of gold, section between two larger wraps has two gold bands, and on widest step one wide and one narrow band of gold; the top two steps have craquelure texture; lipless rim ground and polished flat; (a) vessel has short vertical neck ground and polished flat, body swells abruptly then tapers to form almost conical body, body is decorated with two applied "handles" on opposite walls of ribbed solid colorless similar in appearance to lid knob, blue glass tip has engraved vertical lines and gold point, engraved and gold leaves between each rib; slightly over 2/3 of body from stem extending towards shoulder has craquelure treatment; base of body has a gold band at attachment to short thick stem-knop of blue cased in ribbed colorless with engraved and lusted leaf decoration; hollow conical base with two concentric bands of gold near edge; no pontil; four white felt dots around base edge; inscribed in block letters on underside of foot near edge: "8324-011 KOSTA BODA M. BACKSTRÖM EDITION -92 3/25/ (in script) Monica Backström".
Kosta Boda AB, Source