Les Pins (Pines)

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Object Name: 
Marquetry Vase
Les Pins (Pines)
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 17.8 cm, Diam (max): 15.1 cm
On Display
Credit Line: 
Purchased with funds from the Clara S. Peck Endowment, the Museum Endowment Fund, and a special grant
Web Description: 
The flowering of the art glass industry, in and around the French town of Nancy, owed much to the ambitions of Emile Gallé (1846-1904). Gallé was the most influential designer in the French Art Nouveau style. He was also a poet and a passionate horticulturist. With his creative vision and financial acumen, he had expanded his father’s glass and ceramics factory into a flourishing art industry by the late 1880s. The greatest influence on Gallé’s designs for glass was nature, with its infinitely rich colors and textures. He was also impressed by the writings of Romantic and Symbolist poets, who attempted to describe emotions, sensations, and other aspects of the nonvisible world. In this vase, the decoration evokes the humid, spongy layers of a dark, densely wooded pine forest floor. The term “marquetry” refers to decorative elements that are embedded into the surface of the glass. The technique was developed by Gallé, who patented it in 1898. It is derived from the marquetry technique used to decorate wood furniture, which was also a specialty of Gallé’s atelier.
Annieri, Luigi, Former Collection
Primary Description: 
Transparent amber, opal glass, iridization; overall reddish and silver-gray appearance; blown, hot-applied and inlaid decorative elements (marquetry), iridized, acid-etched, cut, and engraved. Conical vessel ringed at lip with small stylized pinecone scales and base with life-size pine cone scales applied while hot (lip and base applications stop short of complete encirclement), some carved into free-form shapes; body encircled by large trailed tree branch with additional trailed and marquetry inlaid twigs, needles and a pair of high relief miniature pine cones (one a cluster of glass bits, the other formed by tooling an applied gob of glass while hot), sections of branch and needles then carved in relief with additional engraved details and "ghost" needles; deeply inset foot; overall irregular iridization; slightly concave ground and polished base; inscribed on two pine cone scales at base: "Gallé/1903".
Emile Gallé: Dreams Into Glass
Corning Museum of Glass 1984-04-28 through 1984-10-21
A special exhibition at the Corning Museum of Glass, April 28-October 21, 1984.
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