Light Purple Silver Carpaint Pitcher

Light Purple Silver Carpaint Pitcher

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Object Name: 
Light Purple Silver Carpaint Pitcher
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Overall H: 46.2 cm, W: 31.7 cm, D: 26.5 cm
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Primary Description: 
Light Purple Silver Carpaint Pitcher. Blown and hot-worked colorless glass, car paint, metal plating. Pitcher, consisting of an off-center, cylindrical body, thick pad base, oversize, chunky handle, and a wide collar for a rim and mouth that is squeezed and worked to form wrinkles, like fabric. After the object was blown and annealed, it was lightly sandblasted, so that the surface would hold the paint, and then painted with a metallic light purple car paint, and then painted twice with a clear coat to make the paint stronger and to protect the surface and color, just as it is applied onto a car. The paint and clear coats are applied with a sprayer and the paint is heated to harden. Next, the pitcher is thinly plated with metal inside of a chamber (which the artist calls metallisation). This is done at AMB, in Broakulla, Sweden, and it is a more environmental process than chroming, for example. It is cooked aluminum that comes out in the closed chamber as a cloudlike steam, and touches what you have inside the chamber, depositing a very thin layer (just 9 nanometers) of metal on the surface. He put the pitcher in a chamber used for the silvering of bathroom pipes, and he let the aluminum steam touch the piece wherever it would naturally, depending on how the object stands in the chamber. After that, he took the pitcher back to the car painting garage, where he covered the silver surface with two coats of clear car paint, and hardened the layers with low heat.
Nielsen, Fredrik (Swedish, b. 1977), Source
Fredrik / Nielsen / 2010
Engraved on base in script
Q&A: Karen LaMonte: 2018 Specialty Glass Resident (2017) illustrated, p. 8; BIB# 705019