Lunar Landscape

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Object Name: 
Sculpture and Base
Lunar Landscape
Accession Number: 
a) Sculpture H: 6 cm, W: 11.35 cm, L: 24.2 cm
Not on Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of Hilde R. Ludwig
Primary Description: 
Sculpture, "Lundar Landscape". Colorless, transparent blue/green, yellow non-lead glasses, metallic bronze, opaque white traces of mold material; glass, bronze alloy (containing zinc oxide), traces of refractory mold material, brass screws, wire hanger; crushed chunks of glass are inserted in a wax model of the intended bronze areas, then a cire perdue mold is made, the bronze is poured in the mold and incorporates the glass without melting it, annealed and mold broken away. Irregular, deep lozenge-shaped sculpture of bronze with glass "stones"; bronze stems from narrow base, thick sides are irregular and deeply undercut with traces of white mold material, sides extend outward to broad extended planar surface with rough texturing and incorporating scattered small rounded pieces of glass imbedded at varying depts, at one end of surface the glass seems to have melted and flowed amongst the surface bumps; bronze is attached to a solid rectangular wooden board with brass screws; written in black ink on back of wood board: "LUNAR LANDSCAPE/(script)Edris Eckhardt/1963".
Ludwig, Hilde R., Source
Corning Museum of Glass 2005-11-17 through 2006-04-02
Corning Incorporated Gallery 2006-07-12 through 2007-01-06