Neck Collar Ensemble

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Object Name: 
Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings
Neck Collar Ensemble
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
Not on Display
Primary Description: 
Transparent blue (two shades), green (two shades), red, orange, yellow (two shades), amethyst; metallic gold; brass wire was shaped and silver soldered, 14k gold tubing was silver soldered to brass for hinges, entire object was heavily gold-plated to create textured surface, glass elements were cut, ground, drilled, sandblasted, acid-etched and riveted to necklace with gold tubing. (A) Non-flexing horsehoe-shape collar necklace, flat metal band comprised of three attached rows of gilded wire, external row cut into evenly spaced sections, ends of band capped with hemispherical tips; hinged to center of each open section of exterior is a solid glass cube (nine in total) pierced by the ends of a "U-shaped gold rivet; (B) continuous circle bracelet formed of same tri-part metal band with four small evenly-spaced open sections on exterior edge decorated with four small hinged glass cubes; (Ca,b) matched post earrings consisting of slightly curved lengths of flat, almost rectangular, red glass riveted to and backed by two parallel rows of the wire (center area is left open), wire (filled in center with short third length) extens evenly beyond one end of earring; overall-gilding on all metal; all glass has slightly matte surface; small oval metal plate attched on underside of necklace (at one end), bracelet impressed with bloack letters: "macneil".
Wheeler Seidel Gallery, Source
New Traditions: Elegance in Contemporary Jewelry
Wheeler Seidel Gallery 1991 through 1991
Title Unknown (Helen Drutt Gallery)
Helen Drutt Gallery 1988-05-04 through 1988-06-18