Necklace of Beads

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Object Name: 
Necklace of Beads
Accession Number: 
Egyptian Blue Tabular Diam: 1.6 cm; Carnelian Tabular Diam: 5 mm
Not on Display
299 BC-99 AD
Primary Description: 
Egyptian blue (49) and carnelian beads (48), Egyptian blue has gray and gray-green crust adhering, carnelian some surface dulling and chips, Egyptian blue probably cast in preformed elements and cut or polished, carnelian beads are cut and polished. Major elements consists of tabular beads (9) each separated by five small beads, three small tabular carnelians (24) and two cylindrical Egyptian blue beads (16). Above separated by tabular carnelian beads (24) are an assortment of Egyptian blue beads, short convex bicones, long convex bicones, and cylindrical beads (24).
Anavian, Faradj, Former Collection
Pre-Roman and Early Roman Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass (1979) illustrated, pp. 282-283, #848; BIB# 29547