Panel with Portrait of Ericus Fridericus Alberti

Object Name: 
Panel with Portrait of Ericus Fridericus Alberti

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Object Name: 
Panel with Portrait of Ericus Fridericus Alberti
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
Frame H: 54.4 cm, W: 48 cm; Glass H: 34.3 cm, W: 28.2 cm
On Display
about 1771
Primary Description: 
Colorless non-lead glass; blown (sheet glass), gilt, silvered, painted. Flat, rectangular sheet; decorated on the reverse with silver and gold foils, scratched through, and backed with black paint; the silver part depicting a man wearing a wig and soft coat, seated in an elaborate gold chair, with one hand pointing to an open Bible, the pate inscribed in script "Ev. Joh. 1.v.17."; the background in gold, with shelves and books at the right, a curtain at the left; the Bible resting on a fabric- draped table; a rectangular gilt panel below, inscribed in black "ERICUS FRIDERICUS ALBERTI,/Geboren te Emmerik den 26 May 1724./ Tot Leeraarberoepen in de Gemeente Toegedaan de Onveranderde/ Augsburgse Geloofs belydenis te Zirikzee den 7 Maart 1744./Te Dordrecht den 16 feb: 1746. Te Amsteldam den 25 Jan: 1768."; signed "Zeuner. inv." at the top right of the gold panel; in a frame with gilt scrollwork-molded liner, and wide black-painted outer molding; backed with a paper-wrapped wood frame, cardboard, and plastic, with plastic bar and spacers.
Dam, E. van, Source
A Guide to Dutch Art in America (1986) p. 104, ill.; BIB# 23712
A Group of Portraits by Zeuner (1977) illustrated, p. 128, fig. 3; BIB# AI90918