1-1/2 Cup Pyrex Refrigerator Dish with Cover

Object Name: 
1-1/2 Cup Pyrex Refrigerator Dish with Cover

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Object Name: 
1-1/2 Cup Pyrex Refrigerator Dish with Cover
Accession Number: 
H: 8.3 cm; W: 8.9 cm; L: 11 cm
Not on Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of Corning Inc., Dept. of Archives and Record Management
Web Description: 
Interesting Facts about Pattern: - Butterprint, along with Gooseberry, was the first pattern printed on the new Cinderella Nesting Bowls. Pattern Description: Butterprint was one of the first printed patterns on the opal ware Pyrex line, preceded only by Snowflake and Pink Daisy. Released in 1957 Butterprint was the result of growing market trends with its turquoise on white and white on turquoise Amish print. Along with Gooseberry, Butterprint was one of the first patterns debuted on the new “Cinderella Bowls.” Cinderella Bowls were a series of large nested mixing bowls with a handle or spout on each side, and designed by John Philip Johnson. The name Cinderella was applied to quite a few different Pyrex products from carafes to butter dishes even though the new spout and handle nesting bowls marked the first use of this name. Promotional sets with orange and pink Butterprint on a white background and white Butterprint on a pink background were released in the late 1950s and early 1960s due to the design’s popularity. The success of this design later yielded a Bake, Serve and Store set (470) and Oven Refrigerator and Freezer set (500) in 1959 and the 480 Casserole set in 1960. Butternut was discontinued in 1968. In 1963 a new product line called “Turquoise” was released, which included both Butterprint and Snowflake in the white pattern on turquoise background. The same blue tint was used in both product lines. Later the “Multitone Blue” 300-series bowl set was added to the Turquoise collection.
Pattern Name: 
Corning Inc., Dept. of Archives and Record Management, Former Collection
Primary Description: 
1-1/2 Cup Pyrex Refrigerator Dish in "Butterprint" Pattern with Cover. Translucent white non-lead opalware glass; turquoise decoration; colorless borosilicate; pressed, tempered, screen printed; a) rectangular shaped dish; machine finished rim; sides taper in to bottom; bottom rounds in to base; same turquoise printed design on each long side of dish, design of corns stalks, rooster, and stars, short sides of dish plain; rectangular shaped ring foot; flat base with PYREX® backstamp including item number "501 B" molded into it; b) rectangular cover; flat top, "PYREX®" and "501-C" molded into top of lid, long sides of top ribbed near edge, edges of lid raised; sides of lid taper out and down to flat pressed out rim; inner edge of rim underside raised.