1-1/2 Cup Pyrex Refrigerator Dish with Lid

Object Name: 
1-1/2 Cup Pyrex Refrigerator Dish with Lid

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Object Name: 
1-1/2 Cup Pyrex Refrigerator Dish with Lid
Accession Number: 
2010.4.324 C
Overall H: 8.2 cm, W: 10.7 cm, D: 8.5 cm
Not on Display
Web Description: 
Pattern Description: “New Daisy PYREX Ware! A Corning Guide to adding a splash of sunshine to your cooking, serving and storing. You get a whole bouquet of Daisies…everything from oval casseroles, bowl sets, refrigerator and storage sets to coordinated pitchers and juicers….Go Daisy picking today.” This 1968 magazine ad for the new Daisy pattern illustrates a trend toward bright and happy colors. Released in 1968 in sunburst colors, the Daisy pattern only appears on the 442 and 444 Cinderella mixing bowls while the remaining bowls and casseroles were solid shades of yellow and orange. Daisy, instead, appears on the clear glass lids of the dishes until 1972 when the clear lids were replaced with opal lids, still with the Daisy design printed on top. While there were no Tabletop Accessories with the Daisy pattern it could be purchased on a wide array of products including the more standard casserole and bowl sets as well as on the three-piece Bakeware set (330-39) and the small 10 oz. or “pixie” casserole (700-39), both released in 1971. A set of juicers could be bought to accompany the Daisy design, but the juicers were printed with slices of oranges and lemons not Daisy, although still in the same vivid shades of yellow and orange. Daisy was discontinued in 1973.
Pattern Name: 
Williams, Dianne, Source
501 B 1 1/2 CUP / PYREX / ®̅̅ / MADE IN U.S.A. / 15
Stamped (a) base
Stamped (b) handle
Stamped (b) handle
Primary Description: 
1-1/2 Cup Pyrex Refrigerator Dish in "Daisy" Pattern with Lid. Opaque white opalware and colorless glass; applied yellow color; machine-made. 1.5 cup, rectangular yellow colored dish with white interior. Colorless lid with internal ribs.