Railroad Flask

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Object Name: 
Railroad Flask
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
H: 17 cm
On Display
about 1830
Primary Description: 
Amber glass; mold-blown; plain lip, pontil mark. Obverse: designs on oval panels; horse pulling cart to left on rail, cart filled with kegs; the side of the cart is subdivided into six quadrangular panels containing a pattern of ribs radiating from a central dot; only a portion of a panel appears over each wheel. Inscription in large letters "SUCCESS TO THE RAILROAD" reading in semi-circle from bottom panel around horse and cart to bottom of other side of panel; the "O" in "TO" is in the angle of the rail and tie; the letters "AIL" and "AD" in "RAILROAD" are connected at bottom. There are eight spokes in the wheels of the cart; the end of rail at right is angled. Reverse: similar to obverse but the "O" in "TO" is at the end of the rail; the "RA" in "RAILROAD" are connected at bottom; the "IL" are in a different position and there is a slight difference in some of the letters. Wheels of cart have eight spokes; end of rail at right is a straight line. On both the obverse and the reverse the mane shows very definitely on the neck of the horse, in the form of fine vertical lines. Edges: vertically ribbed, heavy medial rib.
Pattern Name: 
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