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Object Name: 
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H: 20 cm, L: 47.7 cm, W(max): 8.9 cm
Not on Display
Primary Description: 
Translucent deep blue, appearing very dark where thickest, with brown streamers at one end; cast: lost wax process. Sculpture: three-sided object with small rectangular base. Object is roughly crescent-shaped, higher at one end. Lower, rectangular surface always has longer axis in same vertical plane, but shorter axis, which is in horizontal plane at base, is twisted so that shorter axis tilts upward at one end and down at other end. Ends of object are perpendicular to lower surface and consist of narrow triangular areas, each with apex lower than baseline. Second and third sides are long, curving triangles, each with apex at baseline of triangle that forms end of piece. Base consists of rectangular projection, with flat underside. Glass is very bubbly, especially toward bottom of piece; many bubbles at surface have burst.
Leclair, Jean-Marc, Source
Glass Art Society Student Show
Corning Museum of Glass