Sheer Volume

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Object Name: 
Sheer Volume
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 160 cm, W: 120 cm, D: 180 cm
On Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of the artist
Web Description: 
Working with the contradictory fluid and rigid states of glass, Michael Scheiner makes sculptures that often incorporate additional materials, such as clay, plaster, resin, wood, wax, fiberglass, and metals. His forms tend to be based on shapes found in nature, representing “a response to an emotional phenomenon—a triggered recollection of a moment.”* “I like to try to do something new every time I make sculpture,” Scheiner says. “Some of my pieces, when finished, look fairly simple, but the process is very complex. I am very interested in process; it’s the way I get my ideas.”** Sheer Volume is a literal title, in that Scheiner has created a shadow volume that does not really exist. While the artist was living in Japan, he acquired a large and perfect rock that he had cut into “thin” sections, which he displays—like slices of sashimi—overlapping on the floor. Scheiner took each section of this rock and outlined it on a piece of paper. The outlines were transferred onto sheets of commercial float glass with clay wash, and then Scheiner stacked the large sheets of glass against a wall. During this process, the large rock was reassembled, creating a “sheer volume” that hangs in the transparent space of the glass. The sculpture may be displayed with or without the rock that inspired it. Published: Oldknow (39), pp. 198–199; and New Glass Review 32, Corning: The Corning Museum of Glass, 2011, p. 46. For more information, see * Susanne K. Frantz, Clearly Thinking: The Sculpture of Peter Ivy and Michael Scheiner, Phoenix: Phoenix Art Museum, 2002, p. 7. ** Artist’s statement, on file at The Corning Museum of Glass.
Scheiner, Michael (American, b. 1956), Source
Primary Description: 
Sculpture, "Sheer Volume". Cut float glass, clay wash, aluminum; assembled. Sculpture consisting of twenty sheets of float glass stacked and leaning against a wall. Each sheet has applied clay wash, and the sheets are separated from each other by aluminum spacers. Nineteen slabs cut from a large river rock are arranged on the gallery floor.
CA+D Reopening 2020
Corning Museum of Glass
2020 refresh of the Contemporary Art and Design galleries after the deinstallation of the 2019 temporary exhibition, "New Glass Now".
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