Striped Mosaic Bowl

Object Name: 
Striped Mosaic Bowl

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Object Name: 
Striped Mosaic Bowl
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 4.3 cm, Diam: 13.5 cm
On Display
about 25 BCE-50 CE
Primary Description: 
Canes of translucent yellow-green, deep blue, amber, amethyst, yellow and opaque white, also amethyst canes with opaque white twists and colorless cane with yellow twists, pitted on exterior, interior still retains thin milky weathering product; preformed rods and cane fused in or on mold, then polished. Shallow bowl; rim rounded by grinding; upper part of side straight, lower part curves in toward bottom; narrow, concave base. Design consists of a central cane of a yellow center with surrounding yellow dots in an amethyst matrix surrounded by white in a blue square, from this square radiates a cross of yellow-green bands which divide the bowl into four quadrants, each quadrant is filled with bands placed at right angles in the following repetitive pattern from center to edge; deep blue, opaque white, amethyst with opaque white spiral, yellow-brown, colorless with yellow spiral, amethyst casing an opaque white trail, yellow, blue with amethyst streaks, yellow-brown, colorless with opaque white strips and blue-green; the rim is finished with a coil of light green glass wound with a spiral of yellow-brown.
Sangiorgi, Giorgio (Italian, 1886-1965), Former Collection
Sangiorgi, Sergio (Italian), Source
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