"TranSglass" Double Vase with Original Box

Object Name: 
"TranSglass" Double Vase with Original Box

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Object Name: 
"TranSglass" Double Vase with Original Box
Accession Number: 
(a) H: 38.6 cm, Diam: 8.1 cm; (b) H: 43.8 cm, W: 11.1 cm, D: 11 cm
Not on Display
designed in 2007
made in 2011
Web Description: 
This collection is part of Artecnica’s “Design with Conscience” Project, which is a program to manufacture products in accordance with humanitarian and environmentally friendly principles. Since 2002, Artecnica has invited well-known international designers to work with artisans in need around the world, assisting communities by invigorating local commerce. The TranSglass collection was launched in 2005. With the help of the nonprofit organization Aid to Artisans, Artecnica collaborated with Guatemalan craftsmen to produce Emma Woffenden and Tord Boontje’s designs for recycled glass. Taking the humble empty wine bottle as their point of departure, Woffenden and Boontje have devised a range of creative table wares using basic cold-working techniques.
Artecnica, Source
Stamped (a) on wall of body near base
W1481 N22 01
Pressed (a) on base
750 ml
Pressed (a) around body wall near base
ArTecnica ® / design by Tord Boontje / and Emma Woffenden
Stamped (a) on base
Primary Description: 
(a) Recycled post-consumer colorless glass wine bottles; cut, fused, acid-etched. Vase consisting of a cylindrical colorless glass wine bottle with neck removed fused to upside-down colorless wine bottle with neck revoved and body cut at a diagonal to form mouth of vase. Exterior surface acid etched to produce matte finish. (b) Cardboard box with black and red printed inscriptions.