Tumbler with Ceramic Portrait of Washington

Object Name: 
Tumbler with Ceramic Portrait of Washington

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Object Name: 
Tumbler with Ceramic Portrait of Washington
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 8.5 cm; Rim Diam: 7.6 cm
On Display
Web Description: 
Christian Gobrecht brought the manufacture of the enclosed ceramic portrait to this country from France. He was employed by the Bakewell firm to make the portraits. Samples were presented to Andrew Jackson and Dewitt Clinton, who had just pressed for the construction of the Erie Canal. During that year, Lafayette made his triumphal tour of the United States and visited the Bakewell glasshouse. No record survives to indicate whether he was presented with a tumbler with his portrait.
McKearin Antiques, Source
Engraved body
Primary Description: 
Tumbler with Ceramic Portrait of Washington. Clear glass; wear marks; free blown, cut and engraved, with an encased sulphide; cylindrical body; above a paneled bottom a frieze of diamonds and fans, below rim a rose-vine circlet, on one side a small medallion of rose-vine sprays enclosing the monogram: "FCW"; in the base a portrait bust ("sulphide") of Washington in uniform.
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