Tumbler or Beaker

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Object Name: 
Tumbler or Beaker
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 13 cm; Rim Diam (max): 10 cm; Base Diam (max): 7.8 cm
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Primary Description: 
Tumbler or Beaker. Heavy, colorless non-lead glass; free-blown, cut and engraved. Thick straight sides spreading from .9 cm thick base, ground and with polished concave center; sculptured, elaborate engraved and cut decoration -- three large contiguous arches, broad plain intaglio cut column with engraved flame-like capital, oval diapered ground area with three cut printies above capitals and between arches; under arches with third or more of field engraved to represent the ground (1) "Byzantine" crown or miter on concave pillar, leaf sprays crossing on pillar below crown and terminating at crossed flags, stylized flower and blades of grass or leaves below and at each side of flags. (2) Against castle-background, similar crown or mitre on pillar rising from wide base, flanked by similar blades and flower, heart on pillar. (3) Castle in background, in foreground, dog chained to tree at right, falcon-like bird with "roll" in talons, hovering above dog, flower and blades at sides and around tree.
Strauss, Jerome (1893-1978), Source