2 Pyrex Dishes with Lids

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2 Pyrex Dishes with Lids

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Object Name: 
2 Pyrex Dishes with Lids
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Interesting Facts about Pattern: -Shenandoah was one of the last patterns to be released before production on all opal Pyrex ceased. Pattern Description: As one of the last patterns to exist in the opal Pyrex line, Shenandoah is one of the lesser-known patterns released to the consumer market. The collection was small and only released on the three-piece Mixing Bowl set (300-80), the Cinderella Bowl set (440-80), the three-piece Bake, Serve and Store set (470-80), and the three-piece Casserole set (480). A four-quart casserole dish was added to the collection in the mid-1980s. As the popularity of CorningWare and Corelle Tableware grew, interest in the Pyrex patterned opal ware declined. By 1986, when production on all opal Pyrex ceased, Shenandoah was one of four patterns being made.
Pattern Name: 
Williams, Dianne, Source
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2 Pyrex Dishes in "Shenandoah" Pattern with Lids. Colorless glass and opaque white opalware glass, applied yellow color and applied green decal, machine-made. Circular white dishes with handles and yellow exteriors. Decorated with a green decals of flowers and leaves. Colorless lids.