Untitled (White)

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Object Name: 
Untitled (White)
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 56.5 cm, W: 218.6 cm, D: 40.7 cm
Not on Display
Credit Line: 
15th Rakow Commission, purchased with funds from the Juliette K. and Leonard S. Rakow Endowment Fund
Web Description: 
Josiah McElheny is an accomplished glassblower with a profound respect for the traditions and history of the craft. He creates installations of glass objects that are inspired by art or glass history, often using a specific historical or literary anecdote as a point of departure. His objects are often presented with slightly or heavily fictionalized, pseudo-historical narratives, or accompanied by poems or selected quotations. His installations do not merely contextualize his glass objects, but are thoughtful compositions on the history of art, glassblowing, the making of objects, philosophy, and story. More recently, the artist has put aside words in favor of the narrative that is generated by juxtaposed forms. Untitled (White) pays tribute to Modernism and the history of 20th-century glass design. McElheny's choice of color—a brilliant white—and purposeful lack of title refer to Modernist concepts of purity, spareness, and simplicity. The objects, displayed in a reproduction of a 1950s International Style cabinet, honor internationally recognized designers who have influenced McElheny. The glass, from left to right, reproduces famous designs by Tapio Wirkkala (Finnish, 1915–1985), Fulvio Bianconi (Italian, 1915–1996), Gunnel Nyman (Finnish, 1909–1948), Vittorio Zecchin (Italian, 1878–1947, two objects), Oswald Haerdtl (Austrian, 1899–1959), Josef Hoffmann (Austrian,1870–1956), Paolo Venini (Italian, 1895–1959), Vicke Lindstrand (Swedish, 1904–1983), Nils Landberg (Swedish, 1907–1991, two objects), Tyra Lundgren (Swedish,1897–1979), Gio Ponti (Italian, 1891–1979), and Venini.
McElheny, Josiah (American, b. 1966), Source
Primary Description: 
a) Case with light box included; b-o are all opaque white cased with colorless: b) Bottle; blown, cased, assembled. Globular body tapering into a cylindrical neck with circular flange rim; unpolished pontil mark. c) Tall vase; blown, cased, ovoid shape with small hob at top, polished pontil. d) Vase; blown, cased, polished pontil. Ovoid shape, wider at base than at top. Thick base encasing partial spiral of opaque white ribbon. e) Wineglass; blown, cased, assembled; unpolished pontil, cylindrical bowl atop a tapering cylindrical stem atop a solid circular foot. f) Goblet; blown, cased, assembled, unpolished pontil. Cylindrical bowl rounding at base atop hollow (?) teardrop shaped stem merese atop solid circular foot. g) Goblet; blown, cased, assembled, unpolished pontil; conical bowl and stem atop domed circular foot. h) Wineglass; blown, tooled, applied, unpolished pontil; bowl atop a thin slightly waisted stem atop solid slightly domed foot. i) Vase; blown, cased, polished pontil. Flattened ovoid rim tapering down to a solid circular base. j) Dish; blown, cased, polished; shallow circular white bowl with thick colorless wall. k) Replica of Tulpenglas; blown, tooled ovoid bowl on a truncated stem which continues into a conical bowl and conical foot are opaque white; remainder of stem is colorless. l) Replica of Tulpenglas; blown and tooled; bowl atop a conical foot that continues up and acts as a conical stem. m) Leaf shaped Plate/Dish; polished pontil, blown, cased, tooled, polished; shallow stylized leaf shape bowl/dish with sides tapering to a small circular base. n) Vase; blown, cased, polished; spherical bowl tapering into a small circular base, small opening at top; o) Vase; blown, cased, polished, tooled; hourglass shape.
CA+D Reopening 2020
Corning Museum of Glass
2020 refresh of the Contemporary Art and Design galleries after the deinstallation of the 2019 temporary exhibition, "New Glass Now".
Corning Museum of Glass
Changing Exhibitions Gallery
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