Vase and Fruitstand Centerpiece

Vase and Fruitstand Centerpiece

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Object Name: 
Vase on separate Pedestal with Tray
Vase and Fruitstand Centerpiece
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 49.4 cm, Diam (rim of tray): 31.2 cm
Not on Display
about 1830-1875
Primary Description: 
Clear heavy glass; blown, possibly pre-molded and heavily cut. Vase on a high pedestal with set-in tray; the object consists of three parts. (a) Pedestal: straight sided scalloped bottom with diamond pattern at base, tapering paneled part leading to cylindrical paneled section with small diamond band, heavy collar with strawberry diamonds, another tapering and paneled part supporting a heavy scalloped disk holding a dowel for the tray and vase. (b) Tray: shallow body with hole at center for pedestal dowel, on underside a central radiating star, a small-diamond band, and medallions of strawberry diamonds, scalloped rim. (c) Vase: thistle form with hole on underside for dowel; spherical lower body cut into deep diamonds, upper body has grooves, panels, a small-diamond band and medallions of strawberry diamonds below scalloped rim; one of these medallions bears the coat-of-arms of Pedro II of Brazil (?).
Berry Hill, Former Collection