The Cold Genius (567)

The Cold Genius by Judith Schaechter
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Judith Schaechter (American, b. 1961)
United States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cut colored glass; lead came; lightbox
H: 76.2 cm, W: 109.2 cm

Judith Schaechter is an international leader in the medium of stained glass. Much of her work is inspired by music, and her idea for The Cold Genius came from her experience of an aria, titled “The Cold Song,” performed by the cult singer and musician Klaus Nomi (German, 1944–1983).

“The Cold Song” was written for the opera King Arthur (1691), in which a character known as the Cold Genius represents the spirit of winter. In the aria, the Cold Genius acknowledges the power of love to warm the deepest cold, to thaw winter itself. In this work, the scene is presented as if on a stage. Huddled in a brilliant red quilted cloak, the Cold Genius lies unmoving on an ice-covered pond, waiting to be awakened by love.

Gift of the Ennion Society.