Double Face (549)

Double Face by Ann Wolff
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Ann Wolff (German, b. 1937)
Germany, Berlin
Antique sheet glass, enameled; steel frame
H: 117.5 cm, W: 107.5 cm, D: 11.1 cm

Ann Wolff has spent most of her adult life living and working in Transjö, Sweden. For many years, she designed for the Kosta Boda glassworks, during which time she also pursued an independent career as a studio artist.

The subject of Wolff’s blown and engraved bowls and cast sculptures is the life of women, and her work rarely strays from that exploration. The relationships between women as friends, and as mothers and daughters, and the role of women in society deeply concern her.

Several years ago, Wolff took up part-time residence in Berlin. There she began a new series of women’s portraits, to which Double Face belongs. These portraits are made by painting on individual glass sheets and then layering the sheets, as in a collage.