Forest Glass (507)

Forest Glass by Katherine Gray
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Katherine Gray (Canadian, b. 1965)
United States, Los Angeles, California
Glass; acrylic, steel; about 2,000 found drinking glasses
Tallest section: H: 289.6 cm, W: 160 cm, D: 76.2 cm
© Katherine Gray

Katherine Gray is a glassblower and an artist who makes functional and nonfunctional vessels and sculpture. Her installation consists of three “trees” made of everyday drinking glasses stacked on Plexiglas shelves with steel supports. The glasses are arranged to form the outline of a simplified tree with green leaves and a brown trunk.

Although Gray could have made the components of Forest Glass herself, she chose to use “pre-existing” glasses that she bought at thrift stores and on eBay. Forest Glass brings attention to the destruction that is inherent in the process of creation. Trees—in fact, forests of them—have been obliterated so that their wood could be used as fuel for glass furnaces. In Forest Glass, Gray re-creates some of the lost trees out of the material that destroyed them, “recycling” the trees with recycled glass.