Glass of H.W. Stiegel (317)

Glass of H.W. Stiegel
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American Flint Glass Manufactory of Henry William Stiegel; engraved by Lazarus Isaacs
U.S., Manheim, Pennsylvania
Lead glass, blown, tooled and engraved
H: 17.2 cm, Rim Diam: (max.) 8.4 cm, Base Diam: 9.1 cm

Henry William Stiegel opened a glasshouse in Manheim, Pennsylvania, in 1764. He was originally a manufacturer of window and bottle glass, but his main interest was fine lead glass tableware in the English tradition.

Stiegel advertised a wide assortment of table glass, including tumblers and decanters in several sizes. Unfortunately, none of the products from his factory, which closed in 1774, is signed.

One of Stiegel’s wine glasses was made to commemorate the marriage of his daughter, Elizabeth, to William Old. The couple’s initials appear on the glass. This is the only piece that can be positively attributed to the Stiegel glasshouse. It was acquired by the Museum from Stiegel's descendants.

Gift in part of Roland C. and Sarah Katheryn Luther, Roland C. Luther III, Edwin C. Luther III, and Ann Luther Dexter.