Lipofsky California Loop (555)

California Loop Series by Marvin Lipofsky
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California Loop Series 1969 #29
Marvin Lipofsky (American, b. 1938)
United States, Berkeley, California
Blown glass, iridized; rayon flocking; epoxy
H: 15.2 cm, W: 50.8 cm, D: 30.5 cm

California Loop Series
Marvin Lipofsky (American, b. 1938)
United States, Berkeley, California
Blown glass, iridized, cut; rayon flocking; wood; epoxy
H: 15.9 cm; W: 65 cm; D: 36.1 cm

A pioneer of the American Studio Glass movement, Marvin Lipofsky has promoted the use of blown glass for sculpture since the 1960s. Throughout his career, he has focused on the execution of artistic ideas in glass, searching for ways to subvert the traditional associations between blown glass and functionality by exploring sculptural forms.

The California Loop Series is one of Lipofsky’s groundbreaking blown glass sculptures. Like other studio glass artists in the late 1960s and early 1970s, he used a variety of materials in his sculpture. Here, he coated his blown glass with a rainbow-like iridescence and applied Christmas tree flocking, a kind of spray-on fake snow that comes in a variety of colors.