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Biography: Adrianne Evans

Adrianne Evans
Adrianne Evans

Adrianne Evans draws inspiration from the complex mechanisms that shape the natural world. She earned her BFA from Alfred University, where she studied sculpture and glass, and her master's degree in glass sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design, where she has been on the faculty. She has also worked with Daniel Clayman and Michael Glancy.

Evans describes her connection to the environment:

“The Earth is just the right distance from the sun to allow liquid water to occur, plants use photosynthesis to process the sun’s energy into glucose and oxygen, and the Earth’s mass generates just enough gravity to hold our atmosphere around us. This complex physical world we live in is mirrored by an equally complex inner world that exists in each of us. I am interested in the way I interact with both worlds, moving back and forth to create the reality I know. Through my work I want to share a moment of discovery, a glimpse into my understanding of these worlds and how they are connected.”

Evans was a 2011 Artist-in-Residence at The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass. In her residency, she explored in glass the forces that shape the Earth—erosion, grain sorting, friction, viscosity, flow, gravity, buoyancy, pressure, heat and time—sometimes by adding powdered glass to molds filled with water, letting it settle and creating layers of sediment and distinctive geologic formations.